• showtime-prepping

Showtime Prepping

Kansas City phenom Donte Franklin is prepping for the Musclemania® California and America shows next month. The 6′, 214 lbs., 23 year old heavyweight has been training since […]

  • training-for-perfection

Training for Perfection

Musclemania® Universe star Salman Ahmad got into extremely lean condition for the show in June. The 5’8″, 180 lbs., 23 year old student says he’s now training for […]

  • youngest-pro-ever

Youngest Pro Ever!

New Musclemania® Pro Kwame Duah is already lean and ready for MM World in Las Vegas. At 5’9″ and weighing an enormous 220 lbs., the 21 year old […]

  • Indian-Aesthetics

Indian Aesthetics

A skinny guy who was ignored and bullied decided to take control of his life and health. Mazher “Mazi” Hamlaani has been relentlessly working out for years. Now […]

  • asian-sensations

New Asian Star

From a superstar to a new one, Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon (L) was on hand to congratulate MM Asia Physique Tall Class Champion Terrence Teo.  He has been training […]

  • Physical-Challenges

Physical Challenges

His friends call him Anand Arnold for being an Arnold Schwarzenegger fanatic. But behind it all is an inspiring story of determination. “At the age of 15, my legs […]

  • Athletic-Moves

Athletic Moves

Dutch natural bodybuilder Fridjof McAdam has been training for over 3 years. The 6’1″, 215 lbs., 21 year old student will be competing at Musclemania® Paris and Europe shows […]

  • australian-adonis

Australian Adonis

He did not win, but lifetime natural bodybuilder Luke Belcher made a big impact at last week’s Musclemania® Australia. The 5’10″, 215 lbs., 27 year old nutrition store manager […]

  • part-of-his-life

Part of His Life

As the reigning Model Universe Champion, Andre De Assis brings to the forefront a unique mix of commercial model and muscular athlete. The 6’1″, 200 lbs., real estate broker […]

  • texas-titan-in-paris

Texas Titan in Paris

Musclemania® Pro Dewayne J Malone is ripped and ready for his appearance at MM Paris next weekend. The 5’7″, 190 lbs., Houston fitness star has been prepping for the […]

  • impressions


Egyptian sports fitness model Mostafa El Hodaiby recently competed at Musclemania® Britain in London. The 5’7″, 165 lbs., 26 year old was made an impression on everyone, but he […]

  • teenage-aussie

Teenage Aussie

Adika Njemanze won the Musclemania® Australia last week in Gold Coast. The 5’10″, 189 lbs., 18 year old high school student had already won all of the other major […]

  • i-want-to-win

I Want to Win!

Austrian teenager Onome Egger keeps growing and says he’s focused on symmetry. “I am working on my tris, upper chest and legs,” he explains. At 6’2″, 225 lbs., the […]

  • easy-to-keep-tight

Easy to Keep Tight

Texas HW Adrain Childers is hasn’t competed for 2 years, but the 6’3″, 255 lb. nutrition store store manager is as impressive as ever. He trains heavy 6 days […]

  • new-latin-look

New Latin Look

Johnny Diez (R) may be a new look on the Latin American scene, but the 6’2″, 210 lbs., 24 year old trainer is yanking heads everywhere he goes. Seen […]

  • insane-paris

Insane Paris

Is this guy insane looking?! Greg Vong is returning to Musclemania® Paris next month and with this new, thick, lean physique is hoping to win! At 5’8″, 175 lbs., […]

  • balkan-bodies

Balkan Bodies

Musclemania® Pro Benjamin Radic (L) is training Blaz Hrastnik for MM Balkan this month. The 6’1″, 210 lbs., 25 year old bodybuilder has been training 5 years and working […]

  • spanish-transformation

Spanish Transformation

Musclemania Pro Francisco Dominguez has made amazing improvements to his physique since his MM Pro debut in 2012. The 6′, 210 lbs., Spanish trainer has been shooting commercials, advertisements […]

  • model-down-under

Model Down Under

Sports model sensation Ben Handsaker is heading to Model Australia next week in the Gold Coast. The 6′, 200 lbs., executive and motivational speaker recently traveling to the US […]

  • model-britain-champs

Model Britain Champs!

Model Britain Champions Ashley Lewis & Daisy Ward who won the show last weekend in London. At just 17 years old, Daisy surprised everyone with her fresh look and […]

  • student-body-ready

Student Body Ready

Teenager Adika Njemanze is preparing for Musclemania® Australia next week. The 5’10″, 190 lbs., 18 year old college student started lifting under the guise he was at the studying […]