• Adrain Childers

This Bodybuilding Journey

“What drives me after all these years is still ‘self image’,” says Musclemania HW Adrain Childers. The 6’3″, 260 lbs., lifetime natural athlete continues, “When I started this bodybuilding […]

  • Mo Qadi

Immeasurable Sacrifices

Musclemania® natural Mo Qadi says he’s been on a transformative mission. The 5’9″, 200 lbs., Egyptian dentist has been training for 5 years and finally competed last December. Mo […]

  • Brandon Flihan

Sticking to My Plan

2x Musclemania® America Junior Champion Brandon Flihan says he’s so focused this season. The 6’1″, 200 lbs., 21 year old, lifetime natural explains, “Know what you want and don’t […]

  • Elie Kordahy

Competition Dream

After 3 years of training, US Navy sailor Elie Kordahy says its showtime! The 5’11”, 195 lbs., 22 year old will compete at Musclemania® San Diego in April. Elie […]

  • Mazher Hamlaani


After competing at Musclemania® America in Las Vegas last season, Mazher Hamlaani says he’s back into training. The 5’8″, 175 lbs., MM India Physique explains, “I’ve started training myself […]

  • Gijo John

Seeking to Learn

Musclemania® India competitor Gijo John swears that everyday is a learning day for him. The lifetime natural bodybuilder says, “I always seek to learn my society, my body, my […]

  • Mohamed Nasr

In True Form

Musclemania® Arabia Physique Champion Mohamed Nasr keeping true form as he prepares for the new season. “The shows was my first time on stage,” Mo says. “Now, I know […]

  • Daniel

Pushing My Limits

Musclemania® Universe Junior Champion Daniel Roman says, “I had a great chest session today pushing my body to the limit. I’m 90 kg. / 198 lbs. right now and […]

  • Stephen Harrison

Making No Exceptions

Musclemania Physique Junior Champion Stephen Harrison has been off the map for a few weeks. The 6’4″, 230 lbs., 21 year old explains, I found myself taking more off […]

  • Rodrique

Its Tough Being Natural

Model Paris Champion Rodrique Saker says he’s always looking forward to developing “extraordinaire shape”. The 5’10”, 180 lbs., lifetime natural athlete says, “It tough being natural when I look […]

  • Duke Nduke

Training Aesthetics

Musclemania California Physique Champion Duke Nduke is motivation with the New Year. The 5’10”, 185 lbs., California engineers says, “The first week of year is up already! My goal […]

  • Michel Jarabito

HIT Training & Diet

Musclemania Physique Champion Michel Jarabito didn’t give up even a day of training and dieting after the show in October. “I was back in the gym and eating right,” […]

  • Brandon

No Right or Wrong

2x Musclemania® America Junior Champion Brandon Flihan says that bodybuilding is about shaping and sculpting. The 6’1″, 200 lbs., 21 year old, lifetime natural explains, “There is no right […]

  • Dez Carlo

Old School Workout

Musclemania America Champion Dez Carlo has been training since he was a teenager. The 5’8″, 175 lbs., former Army Sgt. says, “Growing up I used every “old school” workout […]

  • Mohammad

Craziest Man on Earth

Egyptian natural bodybuilder and sports model Mohammad El Qadi in Old Cairo last weekend. The 5’9″, 200 lbs., 24 year old dentist says, “I am a dentist ok? But […]

  • Mohsin Khan

What a Dream!

Mohsin Khan stomped the competition at Musclemania® India Fitness last September. Now the 5’10”, 170 lbs., 27 year old and lifetime natural is training for MM Universe in Miami […]

  • Terrence Teo

Achieving My Goals

Musclemania Physique Pro Champion Terrence Teo says 2015 was been a great year. “I achieved my goals as planned and look forward to setting new ones for 2016. Planning […]

  • Stephen Harrison

Changing Workouts

Musclemania Paris Physique Junior Champion Stephen Harrison says he’s set his on develop a bigger, leaner and more symmetrical physique for next season. The 6’4″, 235 lbs., 21 year […]

  • Mark Robinson

HIT for Shreds

Model America Champion Mark Robinson continues his body transformation. The 5’10”, 185 lbs, Australian sports model and trainer says, “I’m currently doing high intensity interval training (HIIT) to stay […]

  • Deiwi

Deiwi’s Miami Move

Model Latino Champion Deiwi is now living in Miami Beach. The 6’1″, 200 lbs., Venezuelan baseball player says he’s been doing some modeling while there. “I am training to […]

  • Greg Vong

Lean Bulk Phase

Musclemania Paris Physique Greg Vong is looking crazy lean right through the holiday season. The 5’8″, 175 lbs., lifetime natural says, “I’m following my lean bulk phase and improving […]


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