Sickening Diet

May 26th, 2017|Comments Off on Sickening Diet

Musclemania® Physique Pro Champion Terrence Teo is 4 weeks out from defending his title at MM Universe in Miami Beach. Terrence says his shredding diet consists of a strict protein

Ready for Pro

May 25th, 2017|Comments Off on Ready for Pro

Musclemania® Pro Mike Miyamoto lifetime natural. The 5'7", 165 lbs., Japanese businessman stays lean all season. "I took off the whole season just to grow and get ready for the

Diet with Goals

May 24th, 2017|Comments Off on Diet with Goals

Blaž Hrastnik - Musclemania Pro says, "The hardest diet is the one without a goal. It's easier to have a very strict diet for a longer period of time than

In Safari Garb

May 23rd, 2017|Comments Off on In Safari Garb

In safari garb, Musclemania® Pro Onome Egger last month visited the Pyramids of Giza. in 6 weeks, he'll be make another journey to make his MM Pro debut at MM

6 Weeks Out

May 22nd, 2017|Comments Off on 6 Weeks Out

Musclemania® Physique Pro Champion Terrence Teo says, "I have 6 weeks until MM Universe. I got started a little late with my diet, but I am making up for it

Unreal Pump

May 21st, 2017|Comments Off on Unreal Pump

Musclemania® Pro Onome Egger says, "Yesterday's shoulder workout was on a new level. The pump was unreal! Striations and veins popped out like mad, but still got 6 weeks to

Touring Expos

May 20th, 2017|Comments Off on Touring Expos

Musclemania® Pro Benjamin Radic (L) caught a workout with Swiss natural bodybuilder Nicolas Iong yesterday in England. Ben is touring fitness expos worldwide this season while representing Nutrend Nutrition. Nicolas

Rain before Sunshine

May 19th, 2017|Comments Off on Rain before Sunshine

Musclemania® America Junior Champion Brandon Flihan asserts, "It get worse before it gets better. Every time I diet down I think to myself "I've been dieting for a few weeks

Isz Ahmad

May 18th, 2017|Comments Off on Isz Ahmad

Musclemania® Asia Physique Isz Ahmad training to bring pride back home to Malaysia this season.

Discipline or Regret

May 17th, 2017|Comments Off on Discipline or Regret

Spanish natural bodybuilder Guillem Clavé says, "I'm training to feel that magical dream. Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret." At 5'8", 180 lbs., he will

Embracing the Iron

May 16th, 2017|Comments Off on Embracing the Iron

After 10 years of training, Los Angeles trainer Clark Moon is making his move to the stage at Musclemania® Orange County this month. The 5'5", 162 lbs., sports medicine major

Blueprint to Cut

May 15th, 2017|Comments Off on Blueprint to Cut

Swiss natural bodybuilder Nicolas Iong is 5 weeks away from his first show, Musclemania® Europe in Madrid. The 5'9", 185 lbs., lifetime natural says, "To achieve a classic shape I

Continues Training

May 14th, 2017|Comments Off on Continues Training

Musclemania® Latino Model Fernando Valdez World continues training for MM World in Las Vegas. The 6'1", 215 lbs., lifetime natural says he will compete in the Classic & Model Divisions.

Fueling a Physique

May 13th, 2017|Comments Off on Fueling a Physique

Musclemania® Pro Henry Adell says he's eating Bison, Ground Chicken, Veggies, Brown Rice to fuel his physique! The 6'1", 235 lbs., Milwaukee master trainer has stayed in shape all season.

Upping Volume

May 12th, 2017|Comments Off on Upping Volume

Spanning 6'4", 242 lbs., Musclemania® Europe Physique Stephen Harrison is 5 weeks away from MM Europe in Madrid. Stephen Harrison says that he ups the volume of his training especially

Secret to Bigger Triceps

May 11th, 2017|Comments Off on Secret to Bigger Triceps

Swiss natural bodybuilder Nicolas Iong says, "Rope Press-Downs are my favorite exercise to develop the muscle volume of the triceps and focus on the lateral head of the triceps." He

Physique in Development

May 10th, 2017|Comments Off on Physique in Development

Musclemania® Korea Jun Young Kim ??? continues to develop since competing last season at MM Universe. The 6'2", 210 lbs., trainer promises to return to Miami Beach next month with

Aesthetics of Egypt

May 9th, 2017|Comments Off on Aesthetics of Egypt

Musclemania® Pros Onome Egger (L) and Julian Tanaka at the Great Pyramid of Giza last weekend while attending MM Arabia. The musclemania champs spent the day there miring the aesthetics

Lean Bulk Mode

May 7th, 2017|Comments Off on Lean Bulk Mode

Musclemania® Latino Junior Champion Juan Felipe Nieto in lean bulk mode! The 5'8", 185 lbs., 22 year old Colombian says, "I've been on this diet since the show last year

Stayin Lean and Mean

May 6th, 2017|Comments Off on Stayin Lean and Mean

Musclemania® Pro Benjamin Radic says he's been on a show diet all season. "I'm staying on low carbs with weekends carb loading as I'm attending a lot of European fitness

Musclemania Stars Hit Tris

May 5th, 2017|Comments Off on Musclemania Stars Hit Tris

Musclemania® Pros Kwame Duah (L) and Simeon Panda hitting Triceps with some Diamond push ups at the Fitness Show last weekend in Sydney, Australia.

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