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Reach Your Lifting Potential

Musclemania® Pro Champion Kwame Duah is hosting a Powerlifting Workshop in Adelaide, Australia on May 5, 19 and 26. He says, "Come and join me and learn correct lifting techniques and reach your lifting potential."

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Training Each Day

Romanian bodybuilder Marius Florentin says he's a couple weeks out from bring in lean, 5% shape at 90 kgs / 198 kg. The lifetime natural athlete explains, "I am on a carb cycling diet eating 4 meals a day. I'm training each day with no rest days and doing cardio once every other day." Marius us training for Musclemania® Europe in September.

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Quality Diet

Cameroon native and Musclemania® Pro Nelson Gonga says he's staying lean all season. The 5'7", 185 lbs., lifetime natural explains, "My body responds better in the gym if I keep a quality diet and I feel lighter as I grow." Nelson is training for MM America in Las Vegas in November.

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Bodybuilding Is My Passion

Musclemania® Arabia Junior Mahmoud Hassan will graduate from business school this year. The 5'11", 195 lbs., lifetime natural Egyptian says, "I always train just after classes everyday. Bodybuilding is my passion, but education is my security."

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Last Cheat Meal

With 7 weeks before Muscleamania® Universe, MM Pro Gio Melchor says today was his last cheat meal. The 5'5", 175 lbs., Colombian owns a nutrition megastore. But, he says, "I don't offer frozen pizzas to my customers. I have my secret stash!"

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Stay on Track

Musclemania® Physique Pro Champion Nicolas Iong says he follows, "Big Dreams. Big Actions. Big Results. When you begin your daily motivational path, when you are setting goals & are truly motivated to see them come to a successful conclusion, you get results. When you get great results you create momentum. That momentum of course gets you even more motivated to achieve greater success. Stay motivated, stay on track."

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6 Days Training

Musclemania® Canada natural bodybuilder Nikita Litvinenko is training for the show in June. The 6', 190 lbs., 24 year old, marketing manager played hockey for 10 years, 8 years of bodybuilding and 2 years competing. His diet is full Keto 5 weeks out from next show. Having master the lean physique, Nikita explains, "My training regiment includes 6 days training high intensity (a lot of super sets) with 45 minutes of cardio per session. I'm starting fasted cardio if needed (depends on how full or flat I look) within next week."

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Use The Hard Times

Musclemania® New Mexico Model Champion Nick Roybal says, "When you strip a man of all he has, you force him to return to his roots. And sometimes that’s a very dangerous and twisted place. Use the hard times of your past to motivate yourself today."

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Bring A Better Physique

Romanian natural bodybuilder Bogdan Voicu says, "Last summer I had my best condition ever. Now it's time to beat this guy in the pic and bring a better physique. Summer is coming." The 5'8", 165 lbs., the 23 year old, civil engineer student will stand on stage at Musclemania® Europe in Bucharest in September.

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Reaching Nirvana

Blaž Hrastnik - Musclemania Pro and Slovenian physician says, "Gym is supposed to be fun, a place where you’re free both mentally and physically. In my mind you should’t count sets and overthink the matter. Experiment, learn what suits your body. I don’t know how many sets i do and when i start drop-setting or super-setting; i just do what comes to mind, something so demanding that it takes my ability to think and have worries away - kinda feels like reaching Nirvana!"

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