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Conforming to Standards

At 6'1", 210 lbs., 23 years old, 3x Musclemania® Junior Champion Brandon Flihan says, "Classic bodybuilding doesn’t have to die. Let’s keep it alive. You don’t have to conform to today’s standards. Build your own physique? Not what some judge wants to see."

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Serious Training

Indian natural bodybuilder Aish Mehan is maintaining 4% body fat all year and after 5 years of serious training will compete next season for the first time.

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Double Take

Musclemania® Pro Bertrand Lim double take!

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At 6'1", 235 lbs., Dominican bodybuilder Fabian Rabia has amassed an impressive natural physique. The 21 year old, former basketball player says, "i like training heavy with good form, eating a lot of complete meals 6-7 times a day, but no supplements." Fabian is training for Musclemania® next season.

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Egypt Junior

Musclemania® Egypt Junior Mahmoud Hassan.

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Natural Lifetime

Musclemania® Poland Champion Bartosz Leoniewski won the MM World Tall Class in Las Vegas this month. The 5'11, 195 lbs., Warsaw trainer is lifetime natural and just started competing this year.

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Swole Mode

Musclemania® Pro Onome Egger swole mode.

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Bulking Up

Musclemania® Pro Champion Brandon Flihan is continuing to bulk up to get as big as he can!

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Show Domination

Musclemania® Pro Champion Kwame Jack-Duah show domination.

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Saturday Night Workout

Musclemania® Classic Champion Jun Choi says, "Nothing better than a Saturday night workout!"

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