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Working on Symmetry

Musclemania® Physique Ozan Kılıç is nearly at his goal of 220 lbs. / 100 kgs., before he takes 6 months and conditions for competition. "Since I competed in Paris, I knew I wanted to bring a new physique to the next show," he explains. "Actually I am working on symmetry and that's where the size is going."

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Keep it Simply

Musclemania® Classic Champion Julian Tanaka says, "When I'm in the off season, I like to keep it simply. I do fasting cardio for 30 minutes, simple carbs before training and complex carbs afterwards. I always try to eat small portions of protein, about 30 gm every 3 hours. It all works in keeping me lean all season."

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Why Covered Up?

Musclemania® Pro Dez Carlo says, "I often get asked, 'Why do you wear hoodies often or keep covered up?' The majority of people know I enjoy keeping covered up while I train so that I don't focus too much on what I look like. Some people can get too caught up on what they look like that they will stare in the mirror for an hour and not even finish their workout correctly. It has always been something that worked for me and I only recently changed due to live feeds and making sure you all know exactly what I look like week to week. So remember Hoodie or not, the results will still be there."

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Brandon’s Dieting Techniques

Musclemania® Junior Champion Brandon Flihan says, "I get questioned about dieting techniques all of the time. One of the biggest things I implement is counting my macronutrients. For over 4 years non stop I consistently tracked every gram of food that went into my body. Right now I'm eating a lot more than usual but for the first time in 4 years not tracking my macronutrients. With no plans to compete this year, I figure I'd give myself a breather. We will see how long this lasts, I kind of miss it. If I had to guess my macros for anyone curious right now, I'm around 400 carbs, 270 protein, 100 fat."

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15 Years Transformation

Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda says, "Facebook 2004, YouTube 2005, Instagram 2010, before the inception of social media, some of us really did #JustLift. So many people want to achieve great things in the fitness industry, it seems lucrative right? But what is your 'why?' For many of you this is hazy; as far as you're concerned, your favourite YouTubers are opening gyms or whizzing around in Ferraris and Lamborghini's, that's all the 'why' you need right? I can only speak for myself, but that was not my 'why' when I started training circa 2001. There was no Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, no influences, just a loud stereo, a collection of Tupac albums and a dumbbell. I picked up a dumbbell

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Off-Season Condition

Musclemania® Physique Pro Terrence Teo's off-season condition could be others' competition shape. The 5'11", 215 lbs., Malaysian sports model and commercial actor is lifetime natural. Terrence will make special appearances this season at MM Philippines and Taiwan and compete at MM Universe in Miami Beach.

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Aesthetically Massive Physique

Belgian natural bodybuilder Stephen Harrison aesthetically massive physique carried him to win the '15 Musclemania® Paris Physique Junior Class. Now at 6'4", 240 lbs., the 23 year old he is training with added mass and improved muscle quality for MM Europe this season.

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Gets Tighter

Musclemania® Pro Kwame Duah says, "I'm feeling good and enjoying training. Mixing up my heavy weight and medium weight with an aim to keep constant tension on the muscle. I have also reduced or removed the lock outs from some exercises at the peak of the eccentric movement to keep constant tension on the muscle. In addition to that, I squeeze at the peak of the concentric movements for better muscle activation and create extra tension on the muscles. A little bit of HIIT cardio has also been included to help me get tighter."

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Clean, Lean and Healthy

Greek natural bodybuilder Kwnstantinos Badidos is keeping a clean, lean and healthy physique all season. But, the 5'9", 208 lbs., 25 year old student says he isn't sure about competing this season. "I am still working hard and going to school, so lack of funds may not permit me to afford all of the food and supplements I need to training at my peak." Hopefully conditions improve for Constantine so he'll be able to bring his classic shape to the Musclemania® stage later this season.

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“Rules to Getting Lean”

Musclemania® Pro Michael Lee lays out his "Rules to Getting Lean": - Hydration- Drink 100oz of water each day - Sweat - Do 15-60 mins of cardio each day - Lift Weights - Do 3-6 training sessions per week - Solid Nutrition - Eat a high protein diet - Rest & Recovery - Listen to your body, rest when necessary and always get a good nights sleep.

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