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Balanced Workout

Musclemania® Dubai Champion Oben Rocksman says, "I am doing full body training including box, kickboxing and calisthenics exercises to give my body a balanced workout." The 5'7", 205 lbs., Cameroonian natural athlete is training for his MM Pro debut at MM Universe in Miami Beach.

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Your Own Thinking

Musclemania® Latino Junior Champion Juan Felipe Nieto quotes Robert H. Schuller , "The only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your own thinking."

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Let’s Show a New Shape

At 5'10", 96 kgs / 212 lbs., Musclemania® Physique Pro Nicolas Iong says, "With even more experience I learn to know better my body and my metabolism. For this new season, I am improvising my carb cycling diet with higher carb intake to work on the mass. Let's go to show a new shape!"

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Hosuk Jae Yang Training for MM Universe

At 6'2", 195 lbs., Musclemania® Model Champion Hosuk Jae Yang eight pack. He's training for MM Universe in Miami Beach.

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The Joy of Eating

Musclemania® Dubai Champion Pro Oben Rocksman says it feels great to be eating normal again. The 5'7", 195 lbs., trainer explains, "I like competition dieting because there is a end game to it all. But I really love eating for the joy of it." Oben says he's training for MM Universe where he's make his MM Pro debut.

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Brothers and Father Training Together

Musclemania® India natural bodybuilders (L-R)Ahmed Misri, Osman Misri and Esa Bin Obaid Misri. The brothers and their father all train together in Hyderabad and are lifetime natural athletes.

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Training with Their Coach

Musclemania® India Physique Champion Sahil Tyagi (C) with training partner Nitin Sharma (L) and coach Sagar Thukral (R). Sahil says, "Training with your coach is always so much fun as you get to learn so many new training variations with proper postures."

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Keeping a Clean Diet and Gaining Lean Muscle

Musclemania® Berlin Champion Anthony Zugic morning pump. The 5'10", 215 lbs., lifetime natural says, "I am keeping my diet clean but taking in more protein in my 7 meals. I only want to gain lean muscle and grow. This formula worked for me last season and I will do it again." Anthony was a Top 5 Finalist at MM America, his MM Pro debut.

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Heavier and Leaner than Ever!

Like a grizzly bear coming out of hibernation Musclemania® Pro Henry Adell is training for competition this season for first time in 3 years! The 6'1", lifetime natural, former collegiate football star explains, "I took a long break from bodybuilding to focus on my business back home. During my break, I used my off time to put on some serious mass!" In fact, Henry's off-season, lean physique has grown from 225 to 255 lbs. "I think that I’ll be very difficult to deal with this year and I plan to present a package heavier and leaner than ever! Win lose or draw, I’ll force everyone to respect what I bring to the stage in 2019!"

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Currently in Build-Up Preperation

Musclemania® Berlin Champion Steven Samuel says, "I hope everyone had a good year. My year was definitely great! I've fulfilled my goal for the year and I can now officially call myself MM Pro. I'm currently in the build-up or preparation for MM America in Las Vegas with the strongest pros on a stage and to shave this ideal case."

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