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We All Have Different Goals

Musclemania® Texas Champion Mohammed'soul' Sadiq says, "We all have different goals - some people want to bulk, some want to cut. I’ve done both throughout my fitness journey." At 6'1" and an off-season 230 lbs., he explains, "Personally, I like staying relatively lean all year round while acquiring mass. And yes It’s very possible with the proper diet, workout programs and still incorporating ...

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Thriving on Training Everyday

Musclemania® Colombia Classic Champion Alejandro Arango total natural physique. The 6'1", 218 lbs., 22 year old says, "I thrive on training everyday. Most of all, it clears my head and sets me straight."

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Ensure this Year is a Positive One!

Musclemania® Pro Kwame Duah says, "Happy New Year, Legends! It’s your boy Blaquaman! I’m in this fitness journey with you Legends, we may have different goals but we all working towards something. Let’s ensure this year stays a positive one."

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Massive Shoulder Session Complete

Musclemania® California Champion Brandon Flihan says, "Massive shoulders session complete. These workouts have been some of the best workouts I’ve had in a while. Must be the Christmas cookies!"

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Clean, Lean, and Aesthetic!

Musclemania® Pro Morgan Nakhisa clean, lean and aesthetic.

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Training for Condition and Symmetry

Musclemania® Pro Bertrand Lim reflects on 8 years of competitons. The 5'6", 174 lbs., Parisian trainer says, "I have always trained for condition and symmetry while the size grew on its own."

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Nick Roybal Volumizing!

Musclemania® Champion Nick Roybal volumizing! At 5'10", 185 lbs., he says, "Since winning the show, I've been lean bulking. If I expect to move into the MM Pros next year, I need to grow."

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Oscar Ponce Jr. Continues to Bulk

Musclemania® Colombia lifetime natural Oscar Ponce Jr. continues his lean buik regimen. The 5'7", 195 lbs., trainer says, "I started carbs cycling to gain leaner muscle. I haven't set a limit how much bigger I want to reach for next season."

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Morning Stretch

Musclemania® Model Mark Robinson morning stretch. The 5'10", 185 lbs., Aussie stays in lean shape while continuing his transformation from commercial to muscle model.

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Two States of Failure

At 6'2", 235 lbs. and lifetime natural, Blaž Hrastnik - Musclemania Pro says, "There’s always two states of failure. One is in your mind when your will to succeed diminishes-body is stronger than the mind. The second is the real physical failure-mind is stronger than body. When you find a mental way to unlock that door of progress beyond mental failure-there’s where the real fun begins." Blaz is a Slovenian physician and used his medical knowledge in his bodybuilding training.

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