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Muscle Maturity

Musclemania® Classic Pro Ji Won Hong says he's keeping his shape following his win at MM Universe two months ago. "As I have developed my physique, muscle maturity has kicked in making it easier to stay lean," he explains.

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In Shape All Year

Musclemania® Europe Physique Guillem Clavé says, "Even before I started competing this year, summer time was always lean time. Actually, for me, I just need to change my water levels and carbs and I can be in shape any time all year."

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Musclemania® New Mexico Champion TaeHyung Kim says he's taking a year to develop his physique before entering his first MM Pro show. The 5'8", 175 lbs., lifetime natural bodybuilder explains, "It took me two years of training and dieting to get the physique I wanted before I competed. Now, I need more work before I can compare to the Pro guys. I got the discipline and will make it happen, again."

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Team Workout

Musclemania® Pros (L-R) @Woncheol Yoo, Jun Choi, Kim Taegyung and Younghoon Lee team workout.

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Gladiator Form

Musclemania Paris Physique Morgan Nakhisa in Gladitor form.

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Training Together

Musclemania® Natural Pros (L-R) Onome Egger, Fred Sanya Shaka and Terrence Teo met each other for the first time and trained together at the recent MM Universe in Miami Beach.

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Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda says, "Shoulders Day, about to go get these delts & traps popping. What's your fav shoulder exercise?"

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Musclemania® Pro Benjamin Radic says, "The ugliest true is that In summer I'm always in worst shape as I'm totally off with diet to relax and enjoy hanging with friends, partying, eating good foods and all the forbidden fruits that are available in that time."

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Big and Lean

Colombian junior physique Cristian Rodriguez says, "I haven't gained a lot of weight this season, but I'm bigger and leaner because I ate clean and cycled my carbs." The 5'8", 186 lbs., 20 year old is training for next season.

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Strong and Lean

Musclemania® Pro Michael Lee says, "I'm staying lean and strong throughout the Summer as I prepare to hit the big stage in Vegas in November!" The 5'10", 200 lbs., former US Army veteran started training after leaving the service and is lifetime natural.

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