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Dual Motives

Musclemania® India Finalist Angelo Sandri was born in Mumbai but his parents are Italian. "I have dual citizenship and share my time each year between India and Italy," he explains. "I like to train and compete in both Bombay and Verona. It keeps my motivation fresh and I'm able to make new gyms friends in both countries.

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Whole Food Diet

Musclemania® Taiwan athlete Enoch Liao says he can stay in lean shape all season regardless what he eats! The 5'10", 180 lbs., lifetime natural explains, "I've pretty much eat anything including whole foods all year round. My supplement stacks are multivitamins, creatine, CLA, BCAA and whey protein isolate. My cardio exercises are Thai boxing, stair climber and HIIT."

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Loving It!

Lifetime natural Brandon Flihan says, "I get questioned daily on if I'm nervous. I get DM's asking if I'm aware of the competition, 'so and so is looking good this year you may get beat!'. I've never once looked ahead and searched for my competition before a show. It won't change the outcome of how I'm going to portray my physique that day. I don't do this for anyone but myself. I train because I love it. Competing is just extra for me. Win, lose, draw... I'm still going to get up the next day and be working my ass off in the gym. But don't get it twisted, I'm entering the competition ready for war!"

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Running on Low Carbs

Musclemania® Pro Bertrand Lim is 7 days out from MM in Las Vegas and his raised the stacks. The 5'6", 170 lbs., lifetime natural explains, "Actually I'm zero carbs for 3 days and 1 day with them. I do full body training 6 days a week to increase my condition. I've improved my upper body and will be different from my last show."

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Stage Aesthetics

Musclemania natural athlete Grady Gray says, "10 days and I cannot wait! I got this shirt last year and I think it's time for an updated version. Unfortunately I have not participated in any of the MM 2016 shows due to work, school and traveling. But I am planning on making my 2016 debut in Vegas." At 5'9", 168 lbs, 4% body, Grady is planning on bringing the best aesthetics to stage this year.

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Decision Time

Musclemania Physique Pro Jun Choi holding his shape and condition following last week's MM Asia show. "I'm still thinking about whether I want go to Las Vegas for MM America. Or, do I want to just start training for next season now. I am ready, but I want to bring a bigger physique and win next time."

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Relax Mode

Musclemania® Paris Physique Champion Jan Lah says, "This week I started with morning cardio and afternoon weight training as I was more in relax mode for 2 weeks. My diet is again low carb, medium fat and high protein with 2 cheat meals weekly." The 6'2", 232 lbs., 21 year old has competed 4 times and never lost.

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Linear Thinking

Musclemania Pro Simeon Panda says, "I've never really looked across the gym floor at a physique I perceive more developed than mine and had envious thoughts. I'm very linear in my thought process towards building my physique, I see it simply as I will get what I work for. I have however looked across the gym floor, and seen someone be it male, female, young or old working their ass off and thought 'Damn! Their getting in more than me, that ain't right' lol. I'm under no illusion that I will be the strongest or have the best physique in any gym at any given time, nor do I care to be, but what I will always strive for, is

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Growing Season

Malagasy natural bodybuilder Mickael Fitiavana continues is growth phase. At 5'8", 198 lbs., he expains, "I've started to decrease carbs and increase proteins in my diet and I'm doing more cardio in my training program." Mickael says he will start competing next season.

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Just My Ass

Mass monster Kwame Duah! The 5'9", 230 lbs., 22 year old, Musclemana Pro has been training for 9 years. "I have always been clean, 100% natural, no drugs of any kind," Kwame says. I just bust my ass in the gym 6 days a week and know my nutrition. I'm unrelenting on my body."

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