Hanging Leg Raise

Musclemania® Pro Nicolas Iong says, "The hanging leg raise, one of the greatest abs exercises of all time, helps in strengthening your core muscles so that you can get chiseled abs within a few months. It is an unrivaled way of developing your entire abdominal region that everyone would want to incorporate into their workout routine. How to do Hanging Leg Raises: - Hang from a pull-up bar, extending both your arms overhead using either a medium grip or a wide grip. Make sure the legs are straight down, and the pelvis is rolled slightly backward. It is your starting position. - Tense up your mid-section and raise your legs up slowly until the torso is at 90-degree with the legs. Pause

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Power Building

Musclemania® Classic Champion Nick Royale surprised by winning the show last season and now the 5'10", 195 lbs., Albuquerque native says, "So far my off season is going great. I"m trying to build up to 200 lbs before I cut for my MM Pro debut. I’ve been “Power Building” which is a combination of power lifting and body building training and I able to stay lean will massing."

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Having Fun & Doing it Well!

At 6'3", 250 lbs., and truly lifetime natural, Musclemania® Pro Armz Korleone says, "We’re gonna do this and we’re gonna have fun doing it well. Straight natural, straight organic. Training in the gym is where my passion is, I don’t care about going on stage and competing but might do for banter so if you wanna see that classical, artistic shit then come this way."

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Mind is Everything!

Imposing at 6'2", 240 lbs., 23 years old and lifetime natural, Musclemania® Pro Onome Egger says, "Mind is everything! So make sure you prepare your mind before each workout."

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Moving Heavy Weights Once in a While

Musclemania® California Champion Brandon Flihan says, "Second workout back completed. Then, I came back and knocked some heavy deadlifts out and some light biceps. All these extra calories lately I enjoy moving some heavy weight once in a while."

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Training for MM Universe

Musclemania® Asia Physique Champion Muhammad Aidil Aidil says, "I have started my diet for MM Universe which will be my MM Pro debut. I've trained for 18 months since my last show and looking to match the MM Pros." The 5'6", 170 lbs., Singapore policeman is lifetime natural.

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Heavy Training Mode

Musclemania® Pros Manuel Guyer (L) and Nicolas Iong caught a workout in Geneva, Switzerland yesterday. Both are in heavy training mode for competition next season.

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Growing Mass and Muscle Density

At 5'10", 204 lbs., and a lean 6-7%, Musclemania® Pro Champion Kyrie Tolson Dedicated says, "My current training consists of bi-sets in order to solicit more muscle fiber, to grow mass, muscle density and always with good muscular quality."

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Radostin Tsvetanov’s 6 Year Transformation

Musclemania® Europe Junior Radostin Tsvetanov's 6 year physical transformation from 45 kgs / 100 lbs. to 82 kgs / 180 lbs. today! The Bulgarian, lifetime natural is training for MM Europe this season.

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Gaining Quality Muscles

Musclemania® Mexico Julian Aragonés clean, lean physique. The 5'10", 190 lbs., lifetime natural says, "I have been training twice a day and started using protein isolate over the past 5 months. Plus, I have increased lean protein meals to 6 times a day. Its all making a big difference in gaining quality muscle. I don't want any fat!" Julian will be taking the stage at MM Mexico in June.

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