New Definition to the Word “Shredded”

Musclemania® Paris Michael Henrique gave a new definition to the word "shredded" at the show last month. the 5'5", 178 lbs., corporate security manager served in the French Foreign Legeon.

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Shooting Photos with Many Fitness Media

Figure Asia Champion Gladys Leong with Musclemania® Asia Desmond Heavyweight Lee competed at MM Korea this weekend and spent time shooting with the many fitness media in the country. Both will be on stage at Fitness Asia in Singapore in 8 weeks.

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Completing Physique

Romanian bodybuilder Marius Florentin checks out MM on-line. At 5'11", 204 lbs., he's training for MM Europe and MM Paris next season. "I want to take another 6+ months to complete my physique before getting on stage," he explains.

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Jun Choi Will be Back

Musclemania® Pro Champion Jun Choi says he's been in work mode but not training. "I open my own fitness center and have been training teams, athletes and corporate clients," he explains. "But I will be back next season, back in shape and ready to win some more shows!"

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It’s All or Nothing

Blaž Hrastnik - Musclemania Pros (L) and Benjamin Radic say, "It’s all or nothing!" The two, natural Slovenian heavyweights have trained together for 7 years.

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Getting Serious

Musclemania® Paris Classic Frédéric Dupin competed for the first time last weekend. The 5'10", 182 lbs., lifetime natural trainer was a former MMA fighter, boxer and football player before getting serious with bodybuilding.

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Food Works Best

Musclemania® Pro Champion Corelle Dab says, "Remember eating is 80% of it. Supplements mean nothing it's really what you put in your mouth everyday all day food works best." The 5'7", 185 lbs., Florida trainer is preparing for MM America in Las Vegas in 2 months.

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It Won’t Be the Same

German natural bodybuilder Anthony Zugic returns to Musclemania® Berlin next month. But the 5'11", 210 lbs., lifetime natural says it won't be the same. "Since last years show, I have stay lean and gained serious and symmetrical muscle."

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Get Ready 2019

Model America Champion Heath Adam Cates looking buff in the midst of his 2 year growth transformation. The New Mexico commercial actor, model and trainer says, "I will be starting my shredding phase in 2 weeks in preparation for 2019. Get ready, I'm coming in much bigger!"

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Supplements in Muscle Recovering & Building

Musclemania® Classic Champion Julian Tanaka says, "Supplements help my muscle recovering and building. Even whey protein isolate makes a different when I am training heavy." After two years from the MM stage, Julian is training for his return to MM America in Las Vegas in 2 months.

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