Adnan Ali has transformed his physique from a bulky bodybuilder into a lean physique star. "I tried competing at Musclemania® Pakistan last year, but it was not a good experience for me," he explains. "I thought I knew what I had to look like to recognized by the the judges, but I did not make the top cut." Adnan stands at an impressive 6', 215 lbs. and has been training for 7 years. Now, he is ready for redemption and training for MM Asia in Singapore in September. "Since the last show, I have completely changed my training and nutrition regimen. I have gotten so lean and never seen my physique look like this before. All that fat and water is gone and just love this lean look. Yeah, my weight has dropped, but I look bigger and so hard. I will be ready for Singapore. I will be a whole new bodybuilder."