Ecuadorian lifetime natty Martín Proaño says, "It all starts with a wish, but the goals are achieved with ACTIONS." The 5'9", 198 lbs., 25 year old trainer explains, "When you are committed to your result, it does not matter where you go, you always take your meals with you."
"Training without a good diet is like walking blind. It is the diet that determines if you lose weight, the training will enhance the results of a correct diet. You can train hours and hours a day, but if you don't take care of what you eat, it is difficult for you to see the results you expect. Remember that anyone can train 1 hour a day, but controlling what you eat for the rest of the day is where the hard work is. Changing habits is not an easy task, I know, that is why day by day I am giving you all the possible tools to achieve it, because I know that if you set your mind to it, you will be able to get where you want."
Martin is training to compete at Musclemania® Colombia and Latino next season.