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Putting in the Work

Blaž Hrastnik - Musclemania Pro says, "Things don’t just happen without a reason. That famous saying, ’’Being at the right place at he right time,’’ is only true to a certain degree. Your job is to put in the work years before that moment happens. When it does, you’re ready to take advantage of it."

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Bigger and Leaner Than Last Season

Musclemania® Pro Gio Melchor says he's bigger and leaner than last season. The 5'6", 180 lbs., Colombian nutrition store owner says, "I kept a diet low in carbohydrates and high in protein with 7 daily meals. Also, I'm doing cardio twice a day. So, I have been able to add lean muscle with no water and fat."

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Michael Lee’s 9 Year Transformation

Musclemania® Classic Pro Michael Lee Fitness reflects on his 9 year transformation. The 5'10", 210 lbs., 41 year old explains, "I started my fitness journey after the passing of my Dad. It shouldn’t take the death of a loved one to inspire someone to get fit, but that’s what it took for me. It was a wake up call." "I joined the gym for the first time in my life, at age 33. I knew that my life would change forever. I started working out without any knowledge of how to loose weight, workouts to do or foods to eat. But I was passionate enough to figure it out." "I used some simple principles to change my body like tracking my [...]

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High-Intensity and Volume Training

Musclemania® Spain Physique Guillem Clavé says, "My training at this time is based on high-intensity and volume training to accelerate metabolism. I keep my muscles defined with a balanced diet without the need to lower carbohyrates to the minimum and thus continue to increase muscle volume." Guillem is training for MM Berlin, Europe and Paris shows this season.

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Robust Transformation

Musclemania® Paris Junior Champion Radostin Tsvetanov robust transformation. The 5'8", 180 lbs., 22 year old, lifetime natural says, "I have been training like I was preparing for competition, but with heavy weights, low reps and a super lean diet. My growth has been totally muscle, not fat."

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Different Motivation Sources

Musclemania® Paris Champion Ovi Diu classic lifetime natural physique. The 5'7", 178 lbs., Romanian civil engineer says, "My motivation comes from different sources. From my family and friends who believe in what I do, from my fans who stay motivated by following my fitness journey and from the desire to be one of the best."

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Fix Yourself & Motivate Yourself

Musclemania® Asia Classics and training partners Jason Lim 林劲达 (L) and Jeff Kang says, "Don’t look for someone that will fix everything for you, look for someone that will stay with you while you fix yourself and motivate you."

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Simple Diet

Always lean, German bodybuilder Martin Badakva says, "My diet is really pretty simple. I hold back carbs, just enough for workout energy. However, my protein and healthy fats are high which really helps my muscle growth." The 6'1", 216 lbs., 21 year old is a proud lifetime natural.

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