British natural bodybuilder and calisthenics athlete Luis Young says, "There are some people who think dedicating your life to building muscle, feeling and looking better is pointless or all about ego. If you follow me, you probably see through the BS. For me, my fitness journey wasn’t about looking good without my shirt off or becoming a fitness model. When I started going to the gym, I was a skinny, self-conscious, shy teenager."

"Slowly, steadily, things changed. I came out of my shell. I became confident. I looked at the man in the mirror and liked him a bit more. Not because he looked better but because he had taken control of his life."

"Through fitness came dedication, commitment and motivation. Through the gym came happiness, and some incredible friends."

"Fifteen years and 50 lbs of lean muscle later… I’m no longer that skinny and shy boy I saw in the mirror. And for that, I have one thing to thank. My fitness journey."