Keep Pushing

Musclemania® Pro Muhammad Aidil Aidil says, "Not many will understand your purpose nor your vision towards something. However, as long as you are in the right direction and on track towards it, keep hustling, keep pushing and definitely, be relentless about it."

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Focused on the Journey

British natty Peter Christian says, "I always focus on enjoying the journey instead of focusing on only reaching an end goal. When I learned to enjoy the process more than doing something just for the result, I realised just how easy it is to not only reach your goal, but to also maintain it." "For example, If your goal is to lose fat, you have to find a way to enjoy your cardio/nutrition, and enjoy making it a part of your lifestyle. If you hate the idea of doing cardio and aren’t willing to understand that your diet can be way more enjoyable than just cutting out your favourite foods, chances are - you won’t get to where you want [...]

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Simple Yet Effective

At 6'3", 190 lbs., 20 years old, San Antonio, Texan natty Micah Starks says, “My diet and training are fairly basic. I’m a firm believer in a simple yet effective routine! I personally follow a PPL split paired with a high quality diet consisting of mainly whole foods.” Micah is a good friend and trains with Musclemania® Universe Champion Josue Gonzales.

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Getting Back to Show Shape

Musclemania® Berlin Champion Steve Samuel says, "Its diet day #48 and I am getting learn at 231 lbs. I still want to loose 8-10 more lbs. to get back my show ready shape." At 6', 25 year old, Steve has been slowly developing his physique since winning 4 years ago.

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Health, Mission, and Love

Indonesian supernatty Isay Kesek says, "There are three things in life which matter - your health, your mission and the people you love!" The 5'6", 78 kg / 172 lbs and 23 years old. he's undefeated in over a dozen competitions and will bring his natural physique Musclemania® next season.

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Slow Growth

Musclemania® Paris Classic Champion Aly Diallo says, "I'm in the best shape of my life and the biggest. Slow growth with all lean muscle seems to be what's working." The 5'8", 202 lbs., 24 year old, lifetime natural is a Parisian civil engineer and has only competed once!

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Crazy Leg Day

Musclemania® Universe Pro Champion Elino Dent says, "Today was leg day. The pump was crazy!" The 5'11", 215 lbs., lifetime natural is always in leans shape and has already started training for MM America in November.

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Pace Yourself

Musclemania® Physique Pro Muhammad Aidil Aidil says, "A lot of people loves to rush the process of transformation. My advice is to take a step back and do it gradually. Learn to appreciate and enjoy the process. In that way, you will be able to understand how your body responds and what it needs. Don’t jump into the bandwagon. Everyone reacts and progresses differently. So, pace yourself, I know I am." The 5'5", 154 lbs., Singapore natty is training for MM Universe next season.

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Just Growing

Musclemania® Pro Jun Choi says, "I've been hiding out in my gym and just training. No social media, just focused on growing." The 5'8", 200 lbs., Korean gym owner last competed at '18 MM America and will be back on stage in 5 months.

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Final Stretch

Ecuadorian Martín Proaño says, "I'm in the final stretch, 7 days until my debut at Musclemania® Mexico! This week I begin my loose liquids and I am very sure that I will present an ideal physique." "The stress I have prior to a competition holds fluids which is why psychologically I am very calm with the work that was done for the past 2 months. My cardiovascular exercise is 1 hour fasting and 30 minutes post weight training. Tri series, Biseries and pumps is the strategy that I follow in my regimen. " "Having developed a natural physique is a meticulous process where you can't leave any loose ends." "I am proud to say that Ecuador will be present at such a great [...]

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