Chilean natural bodybuilder Rafa Romano talks about the tribulations of quarantine life as a bodybuilder.

"A couple of weeks ago I had no motivation to continue training and, believe me or not, I stopped eating correctly for a long time. I felt terrible after weeks had passed and I looked worse and worse, with less energy and being carried away by the means that bombard so much negativity."

"So I couldn't stand it, I took a minute to renew my mind and meditate with what is affecting my goals. What happened? I ordered all my space, I clarified my goals again and here we are, I have been making a flexible diet for 4 weeks (not strict) but I have been calculating my calories well and planning my workouts in the best way."

"Quarantining has been difficult for many, but it is not a real impediment to failing to meet goals. It is a test that puts your life to see if you are ready to get where you want to be."