Cairo, Egypt trainer Ahmed Kamal has physique which could compete in any show he chose. But the 5'7", 204 lbs., 31 year old coach says he's dedicated to training others for competition. Ahmed explains, "When I was young I competed in some local championships, but the organization wasn't good and I didn't continue. I wish I had the chance to compete at Musclemania but, unfortunately, it didn't come to Egypt until last year ago.
As I started working as a trainer, I had the pleasure to transform and change people's life to the better even though they're not competing. But when MM came to Egypt a lot of guys started to compete because its a well organized federation, no politics, all natural and gives the guys hope to travel and compete at Musclemania World. I feel unique and special in what I do because I love it. And I'm always the happiest when I see my students get better everyday. And when I get the feeling of winning I am super proud that I wanted more and more."