After 3 years of training, US Navy sailor Elie Kordahy says its showtime! The 5'11", 195 lbs., 22 year old will compete at Musclemania® San Diego in April. Elie played football, track & field and boxed in high school but didn't start training until he got into the military. Elie says, "I've always wanted to compete ever since I started really getting serious about weight lifting. So I used all of last year to really set a foundation for myself so I can start competing this year. I've actually picked up a couple sponsors already, too, which is exciting. It's always been a dream but now I have a plan to turn that dream into a reality. When at sea, Elie's a Mineman with the LCS Sqandron and when on land, he's a Fitness Manager at 24 Hour Fitness and coaches high school football and track. Elie will be among a 30 member strong Team Wayan at the show.