At 6'4", 227 lbs., 21 years old, Russian natural Ivan Eletskiy is training for different purposes than usually presented in Musclemania® media. The Moscow native explains, "I am focusing on professional bobsleigh training in order to take first place at the Olympic Games!"

"I've been doing sports for as long as I can remember and it has become an integral part of me. It's more than just a way of life. For me, the main value of training is not the opportunity to pump up muscles, but the opportunity to put my thoughts in order, even on the worst day, a regular workout inspires me and fills me with incredible energy."

"I want to maximize my potential and leave a mark in the world history of sports in the future. I respect bodybuilding very much and in the future I want to make my debut and win at the Musclemania® international level. With the right attitude, competent preparation and a frenzied desire, I think I can reach any heights. It's only a matter of time!"