I had a good discussion with a friend of mine about the difference between greed and ambition. It was her opinion that once a person had obtained more than they need, any further aspirations to acquire more were the result of greed. I found this hard to accept as I placed myself in the scenario; I could not accept that my desires to achieve more, were linked to something so negative as greed. I explained to her that my desire to achieve more, were linked to my philosophy that life should not grow stale; goals need to be continually set and worked towards. When I achieve a goal it may be worth x amount, however the satisfaction comes not from the value, but from acknowledgement that I implemented a method to the best of my ability, and it came to fruition. This in-turn fuels a fire to set a bigger goal. It is coincidental that a bigger goal yields a greater value of accomplishment, my intention to achieve the goal does not stem from greed, but from an excitement of self belief, that I am capable and therefore, should go for bigger and better than I once aimed for.

I would love to read your opinions on this.

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