He's been athletic, played football and ran track but never trained to be a bodybuilder. "I didn't start weight lifting until two years ago, and off and on. Nothing serious," says 5'10", 193 lbs., 21 year old De'Metre Forney. "People kept telling me at work and the gym that I had a crazy looking body, so a few months ago I got into it really serious. I was 170 lbs. back then and have packed on 20 lbs. of muscle. All I used to do was run track and calisthenics." Now, De'Metre says he's training for competition and wants to be ready next season. "I am natural and want to keep it that way, so I am going to Musclemania® and will be ready in the spring. Over 200 is my goal! I may be shooting for stars, but I am pumped everyday to get there."