"On this beautiful Sunday morning, Musclemania Pro Simeon Panda says, "I really love training, I love killing a session with like minded people. There's a lot of love in the fitness industry, camaraderie, I love the community spirit at my own gym and what I witness at some gyms around the world. Some of the strongest friendships have been built at the gym, and some have met their lifelong partners."

"The gym serves as therapy for many, I myself relied on the gym to lift my spirits in desperate and low times. All of this on top of the obvious health benefits, this is the fitness industry I warm to and love."

"Looking through Instagram and Facebook and reading comments, the hate thrown around by people to each other, it's tragic to witness, but these are the bitter selected few. Let's collectively drown them out with positivity, more of all the stuff I mentioned above, more support for our fitness community domestically and online."

"I wish everyone a great Sunday!"