Musclemania® Champion Hosway Gonzalez physique transformation and says: "We all start somewhere.

You can either keep telling yourself one day I’ll start working out and taking care of myself, or just deciding today is day one. I understand you have priorities that seem much more important and relevant than going to the gym and knowing how many carbs and protein are in you meals But trust me, health is wealth.

If you want to get “better” but are tired of hearing the same shit about how to eat healthy and train but you aren’t whiling to change, I’m sorry to tell you but it will simply never happen. think about it, where you are right now is a result of all your habits from Current lifestyle. this is your way and your way has led you to these results. if you’re not willing to make a change the results will never come. now you’re in luck because Adopting a healthy lifestyle and making the changes to get “better” is simple. it’s simply going on more walks every morning, is simply paying more attention to what you are you consuming and putting into your body. it’s simply making time for yourself maybe watching one less Netflix episode so you can go to the gym every day, but these are easy changes that can be done by anybody. YOU can do it no matter what occupation you have it’s just a matter of effort. And if you ever think “I don’t even have energy to do the current things I have to do” know that is just because you’re not fueling your body enough. When you start taking care of yourself the right way and implementing healthy fun habits everything in your life gets easier I guarantee it. Its almost like we were meant to take care of our bodies"