Musclemania® Texas Champion BadMan Mo says, "Keeping a consistent fitness regimen has been difficult during this pandemic. I’ve received tons of questions asking what I’ve been doing during this period without access to the gym." ⁣

🥦 "My diet has been a lot stricter, instead of having cheat meals everyday of the weekend, I’ve limited it to only Sundays." ⁣

🏋🏾 "I added more cardio to my routine. I still hate the Stairmaster and the treadmill, so I do HIIT every other day." ⁣

💪🏾 :Calisthenics has been a big part of my routine such as push ups and pull ups etc."⁣

"For the people worried about getting “small” during this period, don’t worry muscle memory will kick in once gyms open back up."