At 6'7", 206 lbs., 24 years old, Ognjen Ponjevic says, "I workout 4-5 times a week and focus on only gaining lean muscle mass. Seems like there is no bulk season for me! The more I try, the more I stay lean and I guess that’s because I spend 65-70 hours a week working as a cook! But every time I do go to the gym, I do fall into it. There is nothing else more important then being yourself and do what you truly like to do."

"Currently, I’m on between 206-208 lbs. I consume about 210g up to 230g of protein every day and I try eat carbohydrates as much as I can. I get that all wasted once I’m in the gym. As we already know, it’s a fuel for our body’s, especially if we workout with heavy weights. I workout different times every week because of my work schedule and there is curtain plan of workout that I’m ON, every week! For example, I would only focus on doing the legs in the beginning of week. It’s one of the biggest muscles and of course good to get that testosterone up."

"I like to do legs and shoulders separately on different days. Then I follow up with doing back and biceps then chest and triceps together as well."

Ognjen was raised in the Balkans and currently lives and works in Wisconsin. He wants to make his Musclemania® next season when his mamouth physique is ready!