California natural Joshua Manoi says he's training to take the stage again this season. The 5'8", 189 lbs., lifetime natural declares, "I’ve decided to compete again! I’ve come to the realization that I’m in my best conditioning to date. I’m not saying this to boast, but this is me on cruise control. I’m continuing to eat my regular daily meals with a few slip-ups here and there & train how I’ve always trained, just with more focus, all the while having accumulated a more versatile selection of exercises and better technique. I’m ready to see, this time around, what I can accomplish when I set my sights on a target. I’ve chosen a show that will allow me enough time to have a solid lean bulk and then slowly & precisely cut down to stage conditioning."

"Ultimately, the diet and conditioning isn’t what I’m worried about. My main focus will be my posing and presentation as it is the sole essence of the division I will be competing in once again, which is Classic Physique. I have chosen Musclemania® America in Hollywood, California in November. It will be my debut at MM, so as far as I’m concerned, I’m going to war against myself, everyone & everything standing in the way of me becoming a professional bodybuilder."

"As always, I live for a challenge. This competition is all natural and every competitor urinalysis tested. It will keep me on track with my nutrition and will help me to hone in on truly perfecting my body/physique. I’m also doing this show to make a statement for the natural bodybuilding community in the Classic Physique division. I will come in sharper, fuller and with a flow that is unmatched. I will showcase the ultimate package!"