Each year, competitors at the Universe events are publicized in fitness, model and bodybuilding magazines in the US and around the world. Dozens of magazine photographers and publishers attend and seek athletes and models with "the right look". Because the Universe shows are natural events and feature drug-free competitors, media representatives know to expect a marketable and promotable group to choose for their publications. In addition, numerous New York, Miami Beach, Hollywood and other talent and commercial agents and personal managers attend in search of the next star. Bodybuilding photographers are abound, too, shooting throughout the weekend for various magazine covers, features and profiles. Come to the Universe to see and be seen!!


2019 Magazine Covers

magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine

2018 Magazine Covers

magazine magazine magazine magazine

magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine

2017 Magazine Covers

magazine magazine magazine

magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine

magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine

2016 Magazine Covers

magazine magazine magazine magazine

magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine

magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine

2015 Magazine Covers

magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine

magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine

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magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine magazine

magazine Shannon-Prasarn-magazine mm mm sim jessica-vasquez-magazine

julian-tanaka-magazine mm mm mm mm mm

nm nm nm Else Lautala Leo Hernandez Yu Seung Ok

 lee mag201208f AV JV JV

maxQ  Angelike Angelike lee lee

2014 Magazine Covers

Mirian Cantu Mirian Cantu

Ulisses  Ulisses So Hee sim Anca Bucur

Sally Leung Tania Moreno LORI COVER anca anca Sally Leung

201404a ulisses08235 201404a 0000 AMBER BLOM - EVA SIMON 201403d mark-samara-status

201403c 201403b 201403a 201402y-t 201402z-t Natural-Bodz-Mark-Robinson


2013 Magazine Covers

mag201312i mag201312ht mag201312gt mag201312ft mag201312et mag201312dt

mag201312ct mag201312bt mag201312at mag201311ct mag201311bt mag20131109at

mag201310ct mag201310ct mag201310bt mag201310at M&F mag201309at

mag201308lt mag201308k mag201308j mag201308i mag201308hmag201308g

mag201308f mag201308e mag201308d mag201308c mag201308b mag201308a

mag201307f mag201307e mag201307d mag201307c mag201307b mag201307a

mag201306c mag201306b mag201306a mag201305c mag201305b mag201305a

mag201304f mag201304e mag201304d mag201304c mag201304b mag201304a

mag201302b mag201302b mag201302amag201301e mag201301d mag201301c 

mag201301b mag201301a

2012 Magazine Covers

mag201202a mag201212f mag201212e mag201212d mag201212c mag201212b

mag201212a mag201211b mag201211a mag201210b mag201210a mag201209b

mag201209a mag201208g mag201208f mag201208e mag201208d mag201208c

mag201208b mag201208a mag201207a mag201206b mag201206a mag201205d

mag201205c mag201205b mag201205a mag201204c mag201204b mag201204a

mag201203i mag201203h mag201203g mag201203f mag201203b mag201203a

mag201202g mag201202f mag201202e mag201202d mag201202c mag201202b

mag201201d mag201201c mag201201b mag201201a

2011 Magazine Covers

mag201112a mag201111a mag201110f mag201110e mag201110d mag201110c

mag201110b mag201110a mag201109b mag201109a mag201108f mag201108e

mag201108d mag201108c mag201108b mag201108a mag201107f mag201106o

mag201106n mag201106m mag201106l mag201106k mag201106j mag201106i

mag201106h mag201106g mag201106f mag201105h mag201105g mag201105f

mag201104m mag201104l mag201104k mag201104j mag201104i mag201104h

mag201104g mag201104f mag201103m mag201103l mag201103k mag201103j

mag201103i mag201103h mag201103g mag201103f mag201102l mag201102k

mag201102j mag201102imag201102h mag201102g mag201102f mag201101m

mag201101l mag201101k mag201101j mag201101i mag201101h mag201101g

mag201101f mag201101e

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