"How do I train?," asks 18 year old natty Marshall Crews.

The 6'1", 185 lbs., Georgia football player explains, "So my training is very unorthodox and probably isn’t how you train at all. In fact you may think of this as ineffective training however, it’s what works for me and I encourage you to hear me out."

"So I don’t have a training plan."

"I go in the gym with the intentions of training with high intensity, between 20-35 working sets, and with relatively low weight and high reps."

"I go in and I do whatever movement I’m feeling like doing. If it’s chest day, I go in, warm up and if I feel like starting on flyes I’ll begin with flyes and I just feel out the movements on and on through the session."

"I don’t train TO the pump, I train WITH the pump."

"And finally, if something hurts, I stop. if any join on my body hurts to do an exercise then it’s not worth it because not only am I begging for an injury but I’m putting unnecessary tension on the joint which is going to make it hurt even worse next time."