One of the most amazing natural athletes rising from the Lone Star State (Texas) is Chris Chigbu, a former Musclemania® Teenage and Open Champion. The 5'8", 195 lbs., 24 year old says, "I'm currently on the road going from city to city across the country, 6 days a week for work. So my diet has been consisting of lots of grilled chicken breast from whatever restaurants I come acros, as well as rice cakes/trail mix/protein shakes. My training consists of anywhere between 2-3 weight moderate-heavy weight training days and 3-5 days of bodyweight exercises. I find the bodyweight exercises to be just as effective as the weights when I do the exercises slowly and focus on form/squeezing each rep rather than rushing through the motion. I'm planning on packing on a bit more mass and either competing in MM America and making my MM Pro debut."