Musclemania® Pro Simeon Panda talks about patience, persistence and achieving your goals.

"When you have patience, you get to enjoy some of the satisfaction of achieving your goal at the very start, as you know it's only a matter of time before it truly becomes yours."

"The fitness industry can be very confusing, almost every ad tells you 'you can achieve your goal in no time at all' false bloody false! (I'm British, we say bloody as alternative to straight up expletives) I never say you can look like X in X time, that statement has no substance. I am a realist, I know how long it all takes to build muscle or cut fat naturally, it's not quick and it's not easy. (Just so you understand, the natural distinction has to made, as there is a considerable difference in timescale and potential where muscle growth or fat reduction is concerned. Add to that I am talking from experience, so my points to you come from a lifetime as a natural bodybuilder)."

"You'll excuse my digression as it is the foundation my belief on patience stems on. Building muscle or reducing fat requires patience and hard work, and quite frankly if you lack the fortitude to exercise those two attributes, YOU DO NOT DESERVE TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL."

"I'm at a stage where if I were to win the lottery, after the the obvious jubilation, I would feel disappointment that I never got to carry out my blueprint to the end. Robbed of ever knowing my hard work in business and career would get me to the goal I pictured daily. I know everyone's situation is different and that will effect your feelings on what I just said, however can you understand my thought process? That's how you should feel about your goals, stop looking for the easy way, stop envying those who you perceive to have had it easy. Struggle is not something to be sought after, but if you've had it and made it through, that triumph gives an unmatched satisfaction."

"Work hard people, achieve, make yourself and the people that care about you proud."