The Musclemania® and Fitness Universe™ Professional Division are exclusive events for qualified natural men & women athletes. Professionals are a respected group of the finest natural athletes in their sport(s) with qualification exclusively based on competition achievements, merit and character.

Athletes who have earned their Musclemania® or Fitness Universe™ Professional qualification and who subsequently compete in other federation competitions will lose their Professional status and need to compete at a Regional, National or International competition to attempt to re-qualify. Professionals in other natural federations may qualify only by competing in Musclemania® or Fitness Universe™ qualifying events. Professionals must compete at least once every 3 seasons to maintain their active status. Because of the Covid pandemic, those who were qualified prior to 2020 will have an additional three seasons to compete and maintain their active status.

Musclemania® & Fitness India™ competitors are required to compete in Indian Regional events to qualify for the India National Championships. Then qualified Indian competitors are required to compete at the India National Championships to qualify as a Musclemania® & Fitness Universe™ Professional. If a qualified competitor participates in another federation competition, then he/she will forfeit his/her qualification and need to compete again at an Indian Regional event in an attempt to re-qualify.

In the 2023 season, Musclemania® and Fitness Universe™ Professional events will be held at the America (Hollywood), Asia (Singapore) and Universe (Miami) events. In the 2024 season, new Musclemania® and Fitness Universe™ Professional events will be held at India and Paris shows.

Musclemania® and Fitness Universe™ reserve the right to disqualify or deny entry to any contestant for any reason including, but not limited to, unsportsmanlike conduct, dangerous and/or unapproved athletic skills, tricks or performance, any criminal convictions including, but not limited to, drug or illegal substance use or possession charges, or be involved in the creation and appearance in any pornographic, sexually suggestive or lewd print images, videos and/or personal appearances. All Professionals will be subjected to random urinalysis testing no less than once per season including at all competitions and/or unannounced anytime with 72 hours notice.