Musclemania® America Junior Champion Brandon Flihan asserts, "It get worse before it gets better. Every time I diet down I think to myself "I've been dieting for a few weeks or a few days now, why am I looking worse?" An I always laugh at myself, thinking "B come on you've done this more than anyone you know! You know the drill rock with this." Here is the reason. When you lower your carbs you're not holding as much glycogen in the muscle, which causes the muscle to appear "flat". "Flat" is a term bodybuilders an fitness models use to describe the look of their muscle. When the muscle is full, it's well... you guessed it. Full of glycogen. When it's flat, it's depleted of glycogen. This process of depleting the muscle usually takes 2-4 days depending on the person and what type of diet they are executing. Then after that your body starts burning fat as energy and not the food you have been hammering in in the off season. Now granted this is speaking to people with similar body types to mine who are coming from an off season into dieting down. This isn't the case for the 25 year old girl looking to tone up. Understand the science behind what you're doing, don't blindly jump into a diet hoping it works. Unless you have a coach in which case he or she should describe the plan of attack to you! Keep grinding, and improving!"