Raghu Ramappa is a popular figure in the Bangalore, India film industry and won Musclemania® India LW Championships last weekend. He says "I was always a hardcore enthusiast of bodybuilding. My Dad was a competitive bodybuilder and I wanted to follow his footsteps. I was in the industry and competing for four years, until 2006. But being natural and trying to win shows where 'enhanced' freaks competer is was close to impossible. I was distraught and gave up on competing. But when I recently learned about MM and natural bodybuilding was coming to India, it gave me hope. I've been training harder than ever to get back into prime form. And thanks to my Dad, my biggest inspiration, who at 62 years recently won a local competition, I've managed to win my first show after 8 years! My Dad is still in the reality television show 'Big Boss' (in India) and we haven't spoken in months. He doesn't even know the result yet. When he asked the television crew to call me, they refused and the entire state of Karnataka was shocked to see him break down on live television. He was always known to be a strong person, so this came as a shock and I couldn't sleep all night. The ZEE TV network said it was to surprise him later when we get my pictures and complete posing routines. I hope to get them soon so he can celebrate my victory."