At 5'8", 140 lbs, 20 years old, Dipan Debnath is developing an amazing natural physique. The Indian finance student explains his days are maxed out with studying, training, planning and leisure. "Normally, I wake up about 7 AM and have my first meal. Then, head to the gym for about 90 minutes of training followed by a post workout meal. I track my macros for the day and change it every week according to the progress of my physique. Tracking my training logs and meals help me know how well I am doing & what changes should be done. For university, I study in the evening after I have instructions from my professors. After studying, I check in with all my online training clients to solve their queries & progress with the same commitment as I do for myself."

With 3 years of training experience, Dipan says he's training for Musclemania® Kolkata next season which will be his first competition.