Back Yard Gym

Axle and crank shaft squats are building quads in this region of Ghana, Africa. Kulbila Agyarko Samuel has popularized home made muscle using scrap automotive parts and building his own backyard gym. "We make due with what we have here," he asserts. "Hopefully we will get to compete at Musclemania® Africa and show what passion can do for a body." Sam has been training at home for just a couple of years and has already built a competitive physique.

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Homemade Muscle

Kulbila Agyarko Samuel keeps developing and making effective use of his spartan, homemade gym in Ghana. The 5'8", 185 lbs., 24 year old is training for Musclemania® Africa in Kenya on September 6. "It will be my very first show and I am excited to show what I have done," Samuel explains. "I have put my whole life into bodybuilding and making due with what I have. No supplements, just solid, home grown food here on our farm." Samuel is living the true natural bodybuilder lifestyle.

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Out of Africa

Training for his first contest season, Romuald roi says he's almost ready for Musclemania Africa. The 6'2, 200 lbs., 22 year old natural bodybuilder lives in Sierra Leone. "I love bodybuilding," Romuald explains. "This is something I started when I was young and I want to make it my life,"

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Kenya Pride

Kenyan natural bodybuilder Kevin Kimongoi is among the country's best athletes and will be competing at Musclemania Africa in Nairobi on August 9. The thickly muscled, 5'7", 190 lbs. trainer has added 20 lbs. since his last competition 2 years ago and expects to be lean and ready by show time.

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Motherland Visit

Musclemania® World Pro Champion Ulisses is still looking insane even a month after the show! The 5'10", 210 lbs. natural legend is 10 lbs. fuller than when he won in Las Vegas. Ulisses is currently visiting family in Africa for two weeks and found a local gym to train every day. "It's so hot here compared to London, but I had to train," Ulisses says. "So I am staying really lean and loosing lots of water."

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Guns on Fire

Sporting 21" arms, Kenyan bodybuilder Kevin Oochieng continues to grow as he prepares for Musclemania® Africa in Nairobi in August. The 5'7", 190 lbs, casino security guard is among the most popular in the region. He trains in the gym owned and managed by MM Pro Fred Sanya Shaka.

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