Kwame’s Power Mass Program

Musclemania Australia Champion and MM Pro Kwame Duah says, "Been training my 12 week power mass program that I've been working on for a while. Gaining mass and staying lean. Today I hit front squats, shoulders and abs." At 5'8", 232 lbs., the 21 year old student was the youngest MM Pro when he qualified two years ago.

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Muscle Camp Sydney

Musclemania® Australia Teenage Champion Adika Njemanze (c) was a lucky one to be at the Muscle Camp in Sydney last night hosted by Simeon Panda (l) and Ulisses (r). Adika says, "What an amazing experience! I see them on Facebook and YouTube and then all of a sudden right in front of me - there they were. The two are humbled, well disciplined athletes. I hope to one day reach the heights that they have and share it with others as they have." Muscle Camp Tour with Simeon and Ulisses will continues next month in Germany. Dates posted soon.

Australia Muscle Camp

Musclemania® Pros Ulisses & Simeon Panda Muscle Camp Tour returns to Australia in ten days. Coming to Melbourne and Sydney, they will feature hard core, real training workouts and Q&A seminars! Learn more and take part in this exciting and exclusive opportunity.

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Youngest Pro Ever!

New Musclemania® Pro Kwame Duah is already lean and ready for MM World in Las Vegas. At 5'9" and weighing an enormous 220 lbs., the 21 year old university student is the youngest MM Pro! "I've been eating real clean, but lots of calories and its keeping me full but still getting leaner by the day," Kwame explains. He lead Team Australia into Las Vegas next month.

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Australian Adonis

He did not win, but lifetime natural bodybuilder Luke Belcher made a big impact at last week's Musclemania® Australia. The 5'10", 215 lbs., 27 year old nutrition store manager has been competing for nearly 10 years and always in natural shows. "I train because I'm passionate about it," Luke says. "There isn't a day go by that I miss, I just love it!" Luke could have been a contender for the overall title if he'd been leaner. Surely he won't make that mistake again.

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Teenage Aussie

Adika Njemanze won the Musclemania® Australia last week in Gold Coast. The 5'10", 189 lbs., 18 year old high school student had already won all of the other major natural shows last year and decided he was ready to move up to MM. "I did not want to take on the best guys until I knew I could win," Adika says. "Now I am back in the gym and going to hit the weights and eat like a pig so I can compete with the Open guys next year." Adika will still be just 19 years old, but could still take on the the big boys.

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Model Down Under

Sports model sensation Ben Handsaker is heading to Model Australia next week in the Gold Coast. The 6', 200 lbs., executive and motivational speaker recently traveling to the US for a media tour including shooting for 4 magazines. Ben says he's added nearly 15 lbs. of lean muscle since winning the same competition two years ago.

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Student Body Ready

Teenager Adika Njemanze is preparing for Musclemania® Australia next week. The 5'10", 190 lbs., 18 year old college student started lifting under the guise he was at the studying at the library. "I started training a couple of years ago against my mother's wishes," Adika explains. "Then, one day I guess I couldn't hide my size any more and she asked me if I was going to the gym. Well, as long as I keep my grades up, she now "allows" me to train every day." In just one season, Adika has already won all of the natural shows in Oz and says he's ready for MM.

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Aussie Shape

Musclemania Pros Simeon Panda (L) and Ulisses (R) shot with Natural Natural Bodz Magazine publisher Steve Jones on Monday just before the Muscle Camp Tour in Gold Coast, Australia. After the shoot, Steve said, "Gee, these guys are in shape. Wow! I was impressed with their conditioning considering its not comp season yet." Simeon and Ulisses are on their way back to London where they will host their Muscle Camp on May 11. Registration details will be announced on Friday.

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