Such a Charge

Musclemania® India star Vivek Rock says he's been hitting the gym every day since the show in December. "It was my first time competing and was such a charge!," he attests. The 5'8", 175 lbs., 23 year old training continues, "I never wanted to compete because of the drugs in bodybuilding, so it was so exciting when I learn that MM was coming to India. I went the Ulisses and Simeon seminar in Bangalore in May and learned so much." Vivek is training for MM India this season and says he will bring a whole new physique to the stage.

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Show Gave Me Hope

Raghu Ramappa is a popular figure in the Bangalore, India film industry and won Musclemania® India LW Championships last weekend. He says "I was always a hardcore enthusiast of bodybuilding. My Dad was a competitive bodybuilder and I wanted to follow his footsteps. I was in the industry and competing for four years, until 2006. But being natural and trying to win shows where 'enhanced' freaks competer is was close to impossible. I was distraught and gave up on competing. But when I recently learned about MM and natural bodybuilding was coming to India, it gave me hope. I've been training harder than ever to get back into prime form. And thanks to my Dad, my biggest inspiration, who at [...]

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