At 6'4", 220 lbs., Musclemania Paris Physique Junior Champion Stephen Harrison was a towering surprise at his first show. The former Belgian basketball player and lifetime natural athletes says, "Recently, I have found myself taking more off days in the gym than usual. Think I’ve lost my drive a bit as I have no upcoming competitions within the next six months. Time I should actually be using to work on my weaker points whilst developing a whole different physique for my competitions next season."

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Innovative Muscle Targeting

Belgian sports model Stephen Harrison is training for his first show. The 6'3", 210 lbs., natural bodybuilder will hit the stage at Musclemania® Paris and bring his unique look to the show. And, just as innovative is his training regimen. Stephen explains, "Currently I'm following the Neil Hill workout program, Yoda 3 training (Y3T). It's a split over a 9 week period and divided into 3 x 3-week phases. The first week of my training cycle was based around low rep ranges and more working sets. Currently in my second week, I'm utilizing both compound and isolation exercises to help target my muscles in different ways with rep ranges varying from 12-18 per working set. At 6 weeks out from [...]

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Gym Changed My Life

Belgian natural bodybuilder and sports model Erko Jun is one tough dude. Originally from Croatia, 5'10", 185 lbs., 21 year old was a '12 Model Universe™ Championships Top 5 Finalist last June in Miami. Erko credits lifting and the gym for changing his life. "As a youngster I was always on the streets and enjoying the nightlife in a bad way," he admits. "Because of my mentor, I learned to lose my aggression in the gym while working out and keep myself on the right track. This is my second home. The gym that changed my life!" Erko says he's training for Musclemania® Universe and Paris this season.

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