Back to Heavyweights

Musclemania® Pro Ben Radic may have just returned from Miami, but the MM Universe Pro Tall Class Winner has already resumed his training and dieting. He explains, "I'm staying low carb until training time each day and after I fill up with good carbs. I have a cheat meal every 3-4 days after workouts. Also, I'm doing fasted cardio 4-5 days weekly to keep it lean. Supplements are like creatin, pre-workout, kazein and protein bars are back in my game. Training is focused on my week spots and since my calories are higher, my power and strength is back. I can train with heavy weights again."

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Back Into The Gym

Musclemania® Universe Pro HW Ben Radic wasted no time getting back into the gym. He says, "Finally the competition prep is over so I can have some extra calories are back in my daily intake which means I can train hardcore with heavy weights as I like! My next goal is taking care of my week spots and that would be my legs. Because of last year's injury, I couldn't bring my legs to the point as much as I wanted to."

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Looking Like a Winner

Musclemania Pro Ben Radic on South Beach last week after winning the MM Universe Pro HW Class. The 5'9", 220 lbs., Slovenia fitness center owner says he feels he won his class because of conditioning. "I was really strict with my diet for the past 6 months and it made a big difference," Ben explains. "I did not worry about size or weight, which did not change. I just watched my food, especially carbs and keep up my cardio." Ben heads back to Europe on Thursday and says he will stay in his diet and never get out of shape again. "I want to look like a winner all year!"

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Ben’s USA Trip

Musclemania® Pro Big Ben Radic isn't just lying around. Making a East Coast trip before competing next week at MM Universe, he says, "Greatness will never be achieved if you fail to give anything less than 100% of pure dedication to your dreams. Even if that means laying in your own puddle of sweat, blood and tears! I had an AMAZING SESSION with my brother Dion at the House of Champions in Hampton Road, Virginia, the best bodybuilding gym ever!"

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Looking Massed

Musclemania Pro Ben Radic looking massed as he prepares for MM Universe next month. The 5'9", 220 lbs., Slovenia says he's on his game. "There is no playing this time! I don't have any interferences and will be in my best shape ever!" Ben will take on the best naturals in the sport, so mass alone won't matter. He'll need to be ripped this time if he wants to win.

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