Back Yard Gym

Axle and crank shaft squats are building quads in this region of Ghana, Africa. Kulbila Agyarko Samuel has popularized home made muscle using scrap automotive parts and building his own backyard gym. "We make due with what we have here," he asserts. "Hopefully we will get to compete at Musclemania® Africa and show what passion can do for a body." Sam has been training at home for just a couple of years and has already built a competitive physique.

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I’m Not Big Enough

Musclemania® Universe Champion Henry Adell is not slacking and already back into true form. He says, "Part of building a great physique is not allowing the common bodybuilder mentality of "I'm not big enough" to overtake attention to detail and perfect symmetry. My goals are to build my arms and calves in proportion to each other and the rest of my body for my pro debut at Musclemania® World in Las Vegas. While I am looking to gain size in these muscle groups, I also include exercises in my routine for definition."

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