Australia Muscle Camp

Musclemania® Pros Ulisses & Simeon Panda Muscle Camp Tour returns to Australia in ten days. Coming to Melbourne and Sydney, they will feature hard core, real training workouts and Q&A seminars! Learn more and take part in this exciting and exclusive opportunity.

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Coach Camacho

Musclemania® Pro Larry Camacho looking jacked after his workout at Metroflex in Long Beach. The 5'8", 185 lbs., 27 year old will soon be hosting new MM Muscle Camp Tour in California with MM Pro Joe Parsee.  Larry won the '11 MM Universe MW Class and was a Top 5 Finalist at his MM Pro debut at the '13 MM World Pro in Las Vegas.  He started competing at the '06 MM World and is a lifetime natural bodybuilder.

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Shredded Motivation

'13 Musclemania® World Pro Champion Ulisses says he's in "Shredded Motivation!" "I'm shooting my 'Get Mass' video this weekend for my fans," he promises. "I'll have some exclusive behind the scene footage for everyone." At 5'10", 210 lbs., Ulisses is keeping his physique in near competition shape all season. "I am just going to keep growing but in sick shape," he explains. Ulisses will soon announce his new training camp series throughout England and Europe. Also, his appearance schedule will be posted soon.

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