Calisthenic Made Physique

New Musclemania® Canada Physique Champion Giancarlo Castaldo swept the competition. The 5'8", 185 lbs., 21 year old says, "I'm back on my diet and ready to show the world my excellence in fitness, calisthenics as well as modelling!" Giancarlo confirms he will bring a new package to MM Universe in Miami Beach in June. "I am so motivated since the Canada show and am going to look complete different next season."

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Life’s In Order

Former Musclemania® Canada Champion Matt Stirling says he's making a comeback after over 10 years away from the natural stage. The 5'10", 195 lbs., trainer has a symmetry and muscle maturity reflective of his many years in the sport. "I have been out of the scene for a few years," Matt says. "I needed to get my life in order and get focused on my physique again. Now, I am training everyday, been dieting for 6 months and generally going back to the basics when I was winning shows." Matt will be on stage at MM Canada in Montreal next month.

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Police Academy Physique

Musclemania® Canada Physique Champion Fred Chevry is the owner of Pure Physique Fitness in Montreal. But, the 5'7', 170 lbs., 28 year old, lifetime natural is also a police academy graduate. Fred explains, "I started bodybuilding when I finished the academy. I started my business while waiting for a law enforcement job opportunity. Employment was bad, so I decided to work full time in fitness. After a few months I realized that there was no going back!" Currently, Fred is training for MM America in Las Vegas.

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Holiday Training

Musclemania® Pro Samuel Dixon is still looking thick and lean one month after MM World Pro Championships. The 6', 220 lbs., 25 year old Canadian star already brings classic shape to the stage, but just needs to hone his condition. Most judges say that once Sam get as lean as he's big and thick, any show is his for the taking.

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