New Arabia Champion

Congratulations to Moustafa Gamal, the new Musclemania Arabia Champion. The 5'5", 160 lbs., 18 year old beat some incredible physiques who were 50+ lbs., bigger. But the MM judges selected the physique which best looked like the ideal MM bodybuilder with natural size, symmetry and condition. Moutafa says, "I have been training for almost 4 years and started competing in shows a year ago. I have been in 9 shows and finally became a MM athlete and acheived my dreams!" Moustafa says natural bodybuilding is a new concept in Egypt. "Bodybuilding is not about taking drugs, rather about about hard work, dedication and genetics. Competing in a natural bodybuilding show like MM is the real sport of bodybuilding with no [...]

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Back to Training

Musclemania® World Pro Champion Samuel Dixon says he;s back into shape after taking off a month to travel to Thailand with his newlywed wife. "I am back and training hard, got my diet on track again and will be ready to start shooting soon," he promises. The 6', 235 lbs., Canadian is one of the thickest MM natural heavyweights.

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