Keeping My Mass

With a month before is Musclemania Pro debut, Salman Ahmad says, "I am still lifting heavy and will be right to the show. I want to keep all my mass but will pick up the cardio to shed the any fat and water left. I want to be full on stage!"

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Playing with Carbs

Musclemania® Paris Physique Greg Vong is never out of shape. The 5'7", 170 lbs., lifetime natural athlete says, "I have ànother photo shoot this weekend, so I cut carbs and am only eating vegetables and some fish. I'm doing fast carbing just before training, otherwise zero minimal carbs. I'm still training much heavier than usual with 20 minutes of cardio before and after training."

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Circuit Trained Body

Musclemania® Pro Kevin Darrell has got 5 weeks until MM Universe. At 5'10", 214 lbs., he says, "I've cut calories back to about 3500 per day over the past two weeks but no cardio. I have incorporated a lot of circuit training at a comfortable weight so I complete all the reps with proper form. I've really been working on squeezing and contracting all my reps a lot more."

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