Top Form Model

Model Universe Champion Andrey DeAssis is in top form all season. The 6', 195 lbs., 26 year old real estate agent is in demand for commercial and advertising campaign work all year, so he needs to be in shape. "I eat clean 7 days a week," Andrey says. "I actually don't even like cheating because it makes me feel like crap." Andrey will be at Model Universe once again in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale in June when over 400 amazing natural sports models from around the world will compete.

Choreographed Body

'14 Fitness America Champion David Duma has made a successful career after winning the title for the second time at Las Vegas. The 5'10", 180 lbs., Costa Rican professional dancer trains 5 days a week focusing on agility and strength. David is now a regular guest on national television programs, a recognized trainer and dance choreographer. David says, "If you have to think, why not think big."

Model Egypt Champion

New Model Egypt Champion Gohary El Gohary shows off his new bling and says, "Nothing feels better than achieving something you've worked so hard towards. I had no cheat meals, I always went home early to get enough sleep, I was at the gym doing my cardio while you were at the club getting wasted. I woke up looking and feeling good, you woke up feeling like shit. At the end of the road I managed to be Egypt's first Model Champion. What did you get after sitting on the couch all day and night? Don't be lazy and start doing something about your lifestyle. It doesn't have to be winning some kind of bodybuilding or muscle show. Explore the [...]

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Muscle Camp Sydney

Musclemania® Australia Teenage Champion Adika Njemanze (c) was a lucky one to be at the Muscle Camp in Sydney last night hosted by Simeon Panda (l) and Ulisses (r). Adika says, "What an amazing experience! I see them on Facebook and YouTube and then all of a sudden right in front of me - there they were. The two are humbled, well disciplined athletes. I hope to one day reach the heights that they have and share it with others as they have." Muscle Camp Tour with Simeon and Ulisses will continues next month in Germany. Dates posted soon.

Training for Size

Musclemania® America Champion Aristide Pessinguia is training for his MM Pro debut at the Universe in June. "I am just training for size because getting lean is easy for me," he claims. The 5'10", 225 lbs., Aristide is not to be overlooked as he always seems to come into shows as a sleeper and underdog and cleans up. He won both MM New Mexico and MM America both as an unknown.

On His Mission

'14 Musclemania® New Mexico LW Champion Roger Medina was new to the stage and the shocker of the show. The 5'7", 165 lbs., Albuquerque resident says, "Looking back to my first bodybuilding show makes me feel like I didn't give enough. People were like, "Dude, you did amazing for your first show," and I was thinking in my mind I don't really care what people say. What is important to me is to be the best I can be and get that first place." "If you are into bodybuilding you can't think like, "Oh yeah, is my first show and I'm happy if i place. That was absolutely not me. I'm hungry and on a mission to become the best [...]

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Seasoned Veteran

Musclemania® Asia Physique Champion Adrian Tan training for his MM Pro debut at MM Universe in June. The 5'8", 185 lbs., 35 year old is a seasoned veteran and won virtually every bodybuilding show in Singapore and SW Asia. Adrian also just signed an endorsement deal with Under Armour® and will doing appearances throughout Asia.

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Loving the Process

Musclemania® Paris Physique and Model Paris Champion Raqieb Bayadin hammers his back yesterday. At 5'8", 180 lbs., he says, "I had an amazing back workout! Progress comes to those who DO. So for us, those who are willing to change their body have to train and train. Depending on secret techniques will get you nowhere! But don’t forget your diet and rest. This three factors has to be in balance to have great synergy to reach your goal!"

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Can’t Live Without It

Musclemania® Europe Junior Champion Ovi Diu already in top shape. "I'm at 80 kgs., (176 lbs.) and harder than ever," he says. The 5'6", 23 year old engineer is training for MM Universe and wants to be on stage at 85 kgs.  Ovi started training when he was 15 years old and did not compete until 2013. "I always loved lifting, everyday after school, all summer - I can't live without it.  The longer I train, the better I am looking. My physique is taking a shape that I think is classic. It's what I always wanted from bodybuilding."

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I Like to Win!

Musclemania® America Pro Champion Perry Hoskin may have only 3 shows to his credit in less than 4 months, but the 5'10", 185 lbs., Texas entrepreneur has knocked off all the top competition. "I like to win!," he asserts. "To me, I did not get into training and bodybuilding for fun. I have always got to the driven. Otherwise, I get stale and bored." Perry says he's training for his next match at MM Universe in Miami / Ft. Lauderdale in June. "I want to bring a new physique to the stage and am training every day and dieting for it already."