Training for Miami

Musclemania Pro Chul Soon is already in incredible shape for MM Universe next month in Miami / Ft. Lauderale. "I've been working on building my new training studio, but I am also training everyday and command of my diet," Chul says. The studio will open later this month and will have his own training facility.

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My First Business

Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon is already in tight shape preparing for MM Universe in June. But, all the while the Asian star has been working on opening his new fitness training studio in Seoul. "It is my first business, so I am exceptionally excited," Chul says. He is also appearing weekly on Korean games shows and making appearances throughout Asia.

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I Want to Win

Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon pumped and ripped in Las Vegas for MM World Pro Championships last November. The 5'9", 200 lbs., Korean sensation is training for MM Universe in June. "I want to win in Miami. The Universe was my first show in America 7 years ago," Chul explains. "It would be a dream come true."  Since beginning his bodybuilding career, Chul has turned it into a commercial success appearing movies, commercials, endorsement deals, personal appearances and much more.

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New Asian Star

From a superstar to a new one, Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon (L) was on hand to congratulate MM Asia Physique Tall Class Champion Terrence Teo.  He has been training for 8 years and competing in Malaysian shows until moving up to his appearance at MM Asia last month in Singapore.  The 6'1", 195 lbs., 27 year old trainer says he's already planning for next season.  "I am training to improve my symmetry - that means, calves, hamstrings and lats," Terrance explains.  "Getting size is easy for me, but I just have to make this physique perfect.  I am changing my training with lots more isolation movements."  Terrance will compete next season again at MM Asia and MM Universe in Florida.

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Media Splash

Korean superstar Chul Soon took a splash after Musclemania® Universe in Florida in June. The 5'9", 200 lbs., MM Pro followed-up show with 3 days of media shoots with magazine photographers. Chul returned to Korea a few days later and appeared on a nationally televised fitness entertainment show in which he acted the DJ throughout the 1-hour program. Next month, he will travel to Singapore as a special guest at MM Asia along with fellow MM Pro legend Ade Rai of Indonesia.

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Media Muscle

Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon did a lot of shooting during his trip to MM Universe in Ft, Lauderdale last month. The Korea superstar then appeared on a nationally television fitness show in which he was the celebrity host. Chul will be making a special guest appearance at MM Asia in Singapore in October and back on stage at MM World Pro in Las Vegas in November. His new website will be launched soon.

Photo Ready Shape

Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon is already in top shape for MM Universe in June. The 5'10", 210 lbs., 30 year old says he's been more disciplined with all of his television show appearances, commercials and print advertising campaigns. "I have been keeping my diet clean all season and making sure that at all of my shoots, they allow me to train and do cardio at least a couple of hours a day . . . and its working," Chul says. "It's just been being ready staying focused on my goal - to win MM Universe Pro."

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Musclemania Pros Chul Soon (L) and Ulisses (R) have always been mutual admirers with respect for the others' competitive and commercial achievements. In just 6 years, Chul has risen from being a Korean sports model to one of the sports most popular natural bodybuilders and commercial stars. For over a decade Ulisses has been legendary with his classic symmetry, incredible muscle bellies and lean condition. But his marketable appeal and public attraction has also made him a commercial celebrity. So, will Chul and Ulisses be in Florida in June for a Musclemania rematch? The season is just beginning to unfold.

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Campaign Ready

The new season for Musclemania® Pro Chul Soon has started shooting a some new sports, fashion & commercial campaigns. The 5'9", 195 lbs., 30 year old model is also schedule to start a couple of new television shows, too. Chul will be making some special guest appearances this season including MM Asia, MM India & MM Philippines.

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Abs on Show

When Musclemania® Pros Julian Navarro, Chul Soon and Ty Ogedegbe (L-R) lifted their shirts for fans and media in Las Vegas last month, it was a series of 8-packs on full display!  Julian was in town to spend the weekend at the Musclemania® World but says he's training for next season for his MM Pro debut. Chul was thicker and overwhelmingly impressive but not as tight to win the show.  Ty was coming off his big MM Universe victory 5 months earlier but faced a much stiffer line-up than in Miami and did not make the Top 5 cut in Las Vegas.