Natural & Proud of It

Musclemania® Colombia athlete Jhonny Diez says he's back on this diet. "I am going to train only for Las Vegas," the 6'1", 200 lbs., sports model says. "I 100% natural, always have been, so I am relying only on solid food. Not even supplements. I respond better and faster to my training each natural." Jhonny will be watching this weekend at MM Colombia in Cali.

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Struggling to Pursue

Greek lifetime natural bodybuilder Constantine Badidos says its been struggle to pursue serious training with the ongoing financial crisis. The 5'9", 206 lbs., 7%, nutrition store manager explains, "I am making the most of circumstances and not letting it interfere with my goals. I'm on 2,800 calories per day - 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20 fats. I'm doing cardio twice a day - once in the morning and again after training. My diet includes eggs, chicken, fish, Greek yogurt, potatoes and rice cakes .I use whey isolate, BCAA, Omega-3, multi-vitamin and chromium supplements."

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Looking Crazy

'13 Musclemania® Superbody™ Physique Champion Nick Morrell is looking crazy this season. "I'm keeping things real clean with my diet," he says. "I'm gaining slow, but everything is super lean and tight. I don't want to go back to bulking." Nick will be competing next month at Superbody™ where he wants to earn his MM Pro card.

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Training Knowledge

As the reigning Musclemania® America Teenage Champion, Brandon Flihan says he's learning more about his body, training and nutrition everyday. "I am training and dieting with a lot more knowledge under my belt this year," he explains. "Over the past month, I have was 210 pounds, and now I dropped down to about 195. I've realized that it's just unnecessary to carry all that extra fat and water weight around. I got a much better look now, so I am staying on this plan." Brandon says he is training for MM America in Las Vegas, but wants to move up into the Open Class.

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