Just Warming Up

As France's #1 natural LW bodybuilder, Bertrand Lim amazed everyone at the recent Musclemania® Paris. The 5'6", 165 lbs., Parisian brought incredible shape, symmetry and condition. "I didn't plan on competing in Paris, but jumped in at the last minute to warm up for MM in Las Vegas," explains Bertrand. The computer programmer and network manager promises to be in even better shape next month and is certain to be a major force at MM World.

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French Legion

'13 Musclemania® Physique Paris star Azz Matinee during a recent photo shoot with Tibo Norman in France. The 6', 187 lbs., 20 year old French National Police officer says he keeps growing but is staying lean at 5%. "I can't get out of shape even if I wanted to," Azz asserts. "I am eating good quality food and am sponsored by www.sizeandsymmetry.com, so I got all of the supplements I could want. I don't know where it will stop, but I want to keep growing and win on the international stage this year."

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