Mad Man Training

New Musclemania® Physique star Cameron Osbourne pumps-up backstage in Las Vegas last year. The 6'3", 195 lbs., 19 year old former high school sports star was a big hit at the show despite not being a Top 10 Finalist. Cameron says, "That's not going to happen again. I'm training like a mad man and gonna bring something stupid looking on stage."

Focusing on Details

Just off his first show three weeks ago, Cameron Osbourne is already hitting the gym like he's got another show next week. The 6'3', 205 lbs., 19 year old former high school jock says, "I hit some really light weight shoulders today. Getting these really weird feelings in my shoulder. It almost feels like pinched nerves. So, I focused on detailing the small muscles on my body (rear delts, outer calves, upper inner chest, my rhomboids, etc.) and did a ton of stretching."

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