Looking TV Ready

Although he says he's not competing this season, Musclemania® Pro Dewayne Malone is holding amazing size and condition. The 5'8", 190 lbs., Texan says, "You never know when its time to get back on stage, but in the meantime I am staying in shape for photo shoots and my TV shows here in Houston."

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TV Friendly Bodybuilding

Musclemania® Pro Dewayne J Malone (Center) is a regular sports fitness host on some of Houston's major television stations. The husband and father of 4 brings to the viewers a sense of normalcy and relevance about bodybuilding and a healthy lifestyle including training, nutrition, rest and recreation. "Its all about a lifestyle approach," Dewayne explains. "If fitness is part of your daily regimen, then its fun and something you look forward to." Dewayne will be exhibiting and promoting his Against All Odds training programs at MM Universe, Space City, Paris, Texas and America this season.

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